October 24, 2003

Calling all parsers

From Alexander Williams, via Seth Kulick:

On the front door of the stadium-sized old-school steakhouse "The Pub" in Pennsauken, NJ, at the armpit of Routes 30, 130 and 38, we find a shiny red plaque from 1964 with the inscription:

Volume Feeding Management Success Formula Award

I'd like reports on parsing results from all the major labs in carbon-copy triplicate by Monday.

To which I reply: "Carbon copy?"

Seriously, parsing complex nominals is a serious and interesting problem, about which more in another post; right now I'm on my way to the airport to travel to a workshop on "terascale linguistics", about which more in another post; right now I'm recursively generating too many distractions....

[Update 10/25/2003 from Monterey: google tells me that the very same six-noun sequence was cited (though not sourced) in a footnote on p. 22 of Regina Barzilay's 2003 Columbia University PhD thesis, in a discussion that gives a useful review of the (computational, psycho- and plain) linguistic literature on the interpretation of complex nominals. This is more like terascale library science than terascale linguistics, but maybe there's a connection. I hope to find out later today, when the "terascale linguistics" workshop I'm attending gets down to defining its terms.]

Posted by Mark Liberman at October 24, 2003 01:07 PM