January 15, 2004

Gender: just a quick check

When Mark Liberman recently pointed out that the Gender Genie is freely available on the web to check the sexual identity of writers, I realized I had a perfect opportunity to just run a quick double-check on my own sexual identity, not that I would need to, of course.

I chose a representative short passage to run through the algorithm -- the top paragraph of my most recent blog post, "This isn't poetry, this is abuse":

Cursed as I am with the habits of a scholar, I actually read the little bits of paper and newsletters that arrive in the envelope with every bill I get, just in case I need to know anything that they tell me. With my latest mortgage bill I received a special extra slip of paper containing a poem called "What we can do for you!". It is so bad that readers of a delicate disposition may decide they don't want to look at it.

The result: female score 155, male score 127. So I am... female.

I guess a lot of guys would be a bit shaken by a result like this. But here in laid-back, tolerant, bisexual Santa Cruz, a confident, secure guy like me can deal with it. Yes, sirree. No problem about my masculinity. Nope, none at all. Oh, no. Babe magnet, that's me. Did I mention I drive a truck?

Posted by Geoffrey K. Pullum at January 15, 2004 05:58 PM