January 18, 2004

Funding terrorism is, like, wrong

According to an AP story about financial probes in the United Arab Emirates:

Sultan bin Nasser al-Suweidi, head of the Central Bank, told AP that financial officials are working closely with the U.S. government to block terror funding avenues. Central Bank officials have trained with U.S. investigators and other international experts to help them identify money launderers and suspicious transactions, he said.

"We don't want wrongdoers. We totally don't need them," said the U.S.-educated al-Suweidi, who arrives at his office before 8 a.m. and is often seen working until 10 at night in the fortress-like Central Bank headquarters in the Emirates' capital, Abu Dhabi.

I think it's great that World English is assimilating the expressive resources of America's youth.

Posted by Mark Liberman at January 18, 2004 11:26 AM