March 30, 2004

The first self-writing weblog

Check out R. Robot ("He's the only columnist I'll read" -- Ann Coulter), and then the many fine links (and ideas!) in Cosma Shalizi's post on the topic. While you're there, scroll down for Cosma's recipe for miwa naurozi to celebrate the Afghan new year.

I tried the interactive feature, supplying "Geoff Pullum" as the requested name, which yielded this post (though permalinks don't seem to work on the site), beginning "Just what was Geoff Pullum trying to say yesterday?" and ending "There's Geoff Pullum at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco, making such inexplicable and execrable claims as, "Maybe we could get Iraq straightened out first," as he put it last week, and suggesting (with the internecine insouciance and contemptibly vile treachery that is his trademark, wont and fashion) that George Bush's moral leadership is for the purpose of votes."

I also recommend Newt Gingrich's memo "Language: a Key Mechanism of Control", which R. Robot cites a a source of inspiration and word lists. The link on R. Robot's index page appears to be broken, and for some reason the only copies I could find on line are on anti-Republican sites, who seem to find the memo more inspirational that GOP partisans do. Or maybe they don't need it anymore, I don't know.

Posted by Mark Liberman at March 30, 2004 02:42 PM