May 13, 2004

To post verblessly is so jejune!

While having earlier always been been totally disinclined to attempt to write nounlessly, to denominalize (hmm... denoun, perhaps?) is now starting to seem potentially enjoyable and might turn out to be exhilarating, though admittedly rather elliptical. Go figure!

To write completely nounlessly is surprisingly difficult. Is to write verblessly as tough? Frankly, to blog verblessly is to imitate, to Thalerize, and thus, ultimately, to be  ... passé. Without meaning to seem patronizing, or to insult, to deverb is not only nerdy, but also relatively easy, whereas to denominalize is unquestionably much harder.  Indeed, to denominalize and yet be clearly comprehended is even trickier.

Furthermore, to scribble verblessly is to fail to stand, fail to walk, fail to run: shortly, to fail. (Getting too excited. Going overboard. Must try to relax.  Breath deeply. Sit crosslegged and meditate awhile.) But ahhh, to write nounlessly is to live anew, not to be tied to thinking concretely, not to be anchored, not to be grounded, but rather to lift off and fly,  as if previously to write was just to crawl, penned in, hemmed in, restricted. To write now seems to be no less than to innnovate, to create, and, verily to communicate as never before. Indeed, to denominalize, though unexpectedly demanding,  could be even more enjoyable than to de-adjectivize, to de-prepositionalize or to de-adverbalize would be, and could entertain more than briefly. Think not? Well think again. Try to write nounlessly and see!

Posted by David Beaver at May 13, 2004 03:44 AM