May 21, 2004

Not for commitment-phobes: your relationship number

I've just noticed that my bank account doesn't have an account number any more. You might have thought that would make it hard for them to keep track of the checks. But it's not that there isn't a number. It's just that it's now called a relationship number. I don't just have an account, apparently, I have a relationship. Part of a plan to make me love them more, I suppose, like my mortgage company's curious decision to send me execrable poetry in the mail. Those with commitment phobia are advised to stay away from Wells Fargo Bank; they aren't content with a casual thing, they want to get serious. What I need to know is whether they are interested in me for myself, or whether they're just after my money.

Posted by Geoffrey K. Pullum at May 21, 2004 12:52 PM