May 23, 2004

Morning blogs from B to D

The language-related blogosphere continues to expand, at a rate which makes it hard to keep up (especially from a hotel room with erratic internet access, such as the one that I now find myself in). Here are some things I've enjoyed reading this morning, just browsing our blogroll from B to D (I'll start from some other point in the alphabet tomorrow):

The origin and development of the Korean morpheme jjang [via Blinger].

The Electronic Introduction to Old English [via cannylinguist].

Several discussions of the legend that German once almost became the official language of the U.S. [via carob].

Random Engrish slogans [via Chainik].

A self-conscious but communicatively effective Escher sentence, making a point at Close Range.

Ruminations on Oxfam, Heidegger and the "Standard sub-Saharan atrocity discount (SSAD)" at desbladet.

Some commentary by desultor on Patrick O'Brian: a phrasal pattern also found in Boswell and Nabokov; comparative ghits for versions of a proverbial phrase; and echoes of summat in George Eliot and The Office.

A Middle Scots poem on migraine at Digital Medievalist.

How to inflect court martial, and where MacGuffin and maguffin come from, at The Discouraging Word.

Posted by Mark Liberman at May 23, 2004 05:18 AM