June 26, 2004

Korean blog censorship

According to Blinger, it seems that the South Korean government is blocking access to several weblog hosts (at least blogger and typepad), because "they run a threat of carrying the video of the beheading of Kim Seon Il". Here's an extensive and thoughtful discussion from The Marmot, with more from him here (and some posts in between), including the news that 12 people have been arrested for uploading the video to a P2P site. Here's a story from the Korea Times, which writes that "The Ministry of Information of Communication (MIC) on Thursday said it ordered all the nation's Internet service providers (ISPs) to shut down access to Web sites that carry the execution of Kim Sun-il", and that "As a preemptive measure, the MIC also called for local Internet portals to ban searches using such terms as 'beheading' and 'Kim Sun-il footage.'"

As yet, there's nothing on Google News (at least on the index page), nor in any of the American papers whose websites I've checked.

Posted by Mark Liberman at June 26, 2004 08:20 AM