August 31, 2004

Welcome bikers!

Here at Language Log, we're used to visits from a diverse crowd of gardeners, record company executives, knitters and dog lovers, poets, computer scientists, tour guides, foodbloggers, musicians, and nuns. But today is the first time that we've had many referrals from a cycling site. One Dr. Hoo posted this earlier today to Road Bike Review forums

Do you dare link to the egg corns? Do you fear the egg corns? Might the egg corns be not-work safe? You will just have to find out, or live the rest of your life wondering, won't you?

I DARE to see the egg corns!

Dr. Hoo is clearly a person with considerable false advertising public relations skills. In the 12 hours since he posted this, 25 of his readers have "DARED to see the egg corns". It goes to show, I guess, that a bit of innuendo can promote almost anything to almost anybody.

So far, the forum's reactions are mixed. Comments include both "Well that was a pointless time waster. I should very much like to make the aquaintance of the author of that little website and stick my boot up his keester", and "That site fried what was left of my brain this morning. Too funny."

At first I thought that Road Bike Review might be a motorcyle site, which would be more interesting, but I was wrong. In any event, we're open to vehicles of all persuasions, so let me offer a hearty welcome to any further two-wheeling visitors. While keeping my back to the wall.


Posted by Mark Liberman at August 31, 2004 01:34 PM