October 23, 2004

Two quick eggcorns

From a ZDNet editorial, "just assume" for "just as soon" [via Kai MacTane on LiveJournal's dot_pedantic]:

In fact, the many hardcore server administrators would just assume do away with a lot of the ease-of-anything frills in return for a mean, lean, simple, command-prompt driven Web, database, e-mail, directory or database application server.

As jargon suggested in a comment, maybe this was an ASR dictation error. Then again, maybe the author (David Berlind) has learned a different idiom from the rest of us. If you think about it, "just as soon" isn't exactly transparent. "...would equally early do away with ..."? I don't think so. And searching the web for "would just assume" turns up lots of other examples:

DH would just assume throw most things away, but I'm a bit of a sentimental pack rat and find that hard to do.
I guess she would just assume keep to herself, and I would just assume she keep to herself too.
As of right now if Silo had a bevel like Modo I would just assume purchase it for 1/8 the price, until Luxology does a little bit of a better job whoo'ing the maya crowd.

By email from Jesse Clark: "pier-to-pier network(ing)" in place of "peer-to-peer network(ing)". Makes sense, right? Eliminate those troublesome shipping delays, and just virtually connect one dock directly to another? But this is one of those cases where it's hard to tell whether the writer is really thinking about juxtaposing docks, or whether they're just confused about how to spell peer.

Amplicon assists with "pier-to-pier" networking.
What is Pier to Pier networking and how is it different from Client Server networking?
I am adding a Win98 SE machine on a Windows 2000 pier to pier network and am trying to add the network printer.
Apple is working on Skype compatible software for pier-to-pier networking according to reports this AM.

Posted by Mark Liberman at October 23, 2004 09:16 AM