December 08, 2004

You got a point there

OK, one more. Rich Alderson emailed "to point out the partnership-breakup scene in Stone and Parker's [1998] movie BASEketball [sic], in which the entire conversation consists of the word dude in various intonations".

I've never seen BASEketball, but I located the script, and found the cited passage, which seems to be the emotional climax of the movie:

Remer: ... Dude, quit thinking about yourself for a change!
Coop: Dude, I'm not gonna cave in! End of story, dude!
Remer: Duuude??
Coop: Dude!
Remer: Dude!!
Coop: Dude.
Remer: Dude!
Coop: DUDE!
Remer: Duude!! [Coop opens his mouth but says nothing. Remer continues firmly] Dude.
Coop: [speechless, mouths around for something to say] I guess you got a point there. All right all right, look. Maybe I was wrong. From now on... we're full partners.
Remer: Really?

This is a case where an audio clip would be helpful, I think. Video, too.

Anyhow, a quick scan suggests that the movie overall has more than 100 examples to add to the Dude Corpus, at least the [nonexistent] scripted portion of it.


Posted by Mark Liberman at December 8, 2004 07:31 PM