December 14, 2004

So which is it?

Earlier today, Mark quoted the author of Bible Food for Hungry Christians, who wrote:

[T]he English language is one of the least precise languages on planet Earth.

Earlier this year, I quoted the author of The Miracle of Language, who wrote:

[T]he essential reasons for the ascendancy of English lie in the internationality of its words and the relative simplicity of its grammar and syntax.

So which is it? Are these points of view contradictory, or simply about different aspects of English? To settle the question (or at least for my entertainment), I think that Richard Lederer (responsible for the blue quote) should have Robert T. Jones III (responsible for the red quote) as a guest on Lederer's public radio show, A Way With Words. The show now has a new co-host, Martha Barnette, who could be the moderator of this discussion. Wouldn't that be fun?

(Unfortunately, the only question this forum is even remotely likely to settle is which of these two "authors" is the bigger d-ck.)

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Posted by Eric Bakovic at December 14, 2004 12:33 PM