February 04, 2005


I now see, and this surprised me, that Geoff Pullum, though he may frequently break new ground on the incivility front, has yet to take his rantmanship to the highest level. Indeed, the linguist who can master the rant genre is a rare beast, for as a group we have an unfortunate tendency to attempt reasoned argument when wild stacking of unrelated quotations and psuedo-factoids would have done the job so much more admirably.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is courtesy of Frankie Roberto and his excellent weblog which first introduced the wider world to a latin lover without whom our lives were ordinary that I am able to bring you today's distinguished perorator, a denizen of the far off blighty ol' shores for which Geoff and I weep through every wretchedly sun-drenched California day, and a man for whom, as you will see, no position on the value of descriptivism as against prescriptivism is too simplistic, for whom any distinction between linguistics and deconstructivist social studies is unnecessary, a man for whom no sequitur is too non, and so on and so forth, until finally this sentence, nay paragraph, comes to a close.

I must ask you to select appropriate audio background, be upsitting, and give it up, absolutely every last frothy globule of it, for my personal ranter of the year Ian Bruton Simmonds, and his wild christmas rant originally bombasticulated before the preposterously named The Queen's English Society, a festival of trouser stuffing entitled A Criticism of Modern Linguistics with Suggestion for Improvement of English through the BBC.

Posted by David Beaver at February 4, 2005 01:40 AM