February 05, 2005

Blogroll A to E

OK, I made it through E. In our blogroll, that is. Having a couple of minutes to spare, I thought I'd check out the latest that the linguablogosphere has to offer, and here are the fruits of my labors on the first five letters of the alphabet.

Claire at Anggarrgoon has her sights on "on accident", as a well as a fine on-air agree-with-nearest example (".. amongst them are Australian citizen P___ P_______."); Ryan at The Adhumlan Conspiracy draws our attention to the fact that Jesse Sheidlower mentioned HPSG binding theory in Slate; Marc at bLing Blog wonders if Sturm and Drang might be a calquecorn; Blogos discusses the history of localization of propaganda; C. Callosum dissects a curious piece of public relations ("...all utterances made in the entire world have been catalogued within a 400 phoneme range..."); Marc at Close Range lists the Top 10 works in the philosophy of language in the 20th C., rounds off to 15, and then adds 14 more for good measure (and Jerry Fodor still doesn't make it? I'm just asking, is all...); Des von Bladet wonders about isoglyphs in Central Asia (there's some historical information here, Des); The Discouraging Word has started usage polls (88% preferred the new-fangled sense of notorious); Grant at Double Tongued Word Wrester rassles with unbwogable, HoYay and Patel shot, among many others; Rethabile at On English highlights a new (to me) blog, Langue sauce picante, thereby adding another step to the long blogroll I have yet to climb; at Experimental Linguistics, Lo discusses the use of nicknames in Brazil and the fate of a Canadian rap group called Fatal Phonetics, and W1ll13 30% Hacker debunks the legend of the brass monkeys.

21 letters to go -- but I have to go shopping for dinner. I'll continue the journey tomorrow. Apologies to anyone I've missed; this dense, scholarly blogging stuff is hard to do in a hurry.


Posted by Mark Liberman at February 5, 2005 03:29 PM