April 26, 2005


Apparently in response to my April 19th joke, the top ten listing on amaztype™ zeitgeist, in the TITLE in ALL MEDIA category, is now (Apr 26, 2005, 22:10:00 GMT)

1 LINGUISTICS 2889 hits
2 SEX 2559 hits
3 LANGUAGE 1442 hits
4 FUCK 1148 hits
5 TOM HANKS 883 hits
6 FLASH 482 hits
7 PORN 442 hits
8 BOOBS 393 hits
9 LOVE 379 hits
10 HARRY POTTER 351 hits

Even more amaz-ingly, the top ten in the AUTHOR in BOOKS category:

1 YUGO 1444 hits
2 LEONARD TALMY 591 hits
3 MARK LIBERMAN 434 hits
4 NEIL GAIMAN 327 hits
5 STEPHEN KING 262 hits
6 ARNOLD ZWICKY 249 hits
8 ILLIAD 135 hits
9 SCOTT MCCLOUD 127 hits
10 PICKOVER 351 hits

So who is this "Yugo"? Searching Amazon for "Yugo" in the Author field turns up, in order, Nuclear Reactor Safety Heat Transfer, by Dubrovnik, Yugo Summer School on Nuclear Reactor Safety; El triunfo de la gracia sobre el pecado, by Pedro Yugo Santacruz; The recycling of plastic wastes in packaging, by Yugo Suzuki; Semeynyye obryady i verovaniya karel, by Yugo Yul'yevich Surkhasko; and Hokkaido no shizenshi: Hyoki no shinrin o tabisuru, by Yugo Yul'yevich Surkhasko. Perhaps there's a signal there...

Anyhow, once past that obscure and perhaps-coded reference to "Yugo", there's Len Talmy! Go Len! I'm honored to be on a list with him, not to speak of Stephen King, Mercedes Lackey, Illiad and Scott McCloud.

Here's a short Illiad sequence with a lexicographical theme:



And here's Scott McCloud's site.

But I wonder why Patrick Farley isn't on the list? Or Rob Balder:

Posted by Mark Liberman at April 26, 2005 07:05 PM