May 17, 2005

Ending with a preposition

grammarwizard Beware, those of you who would prohibit stranded prepositions!  That's one lesson you could draw from this cartoon, "Grammar Wizard", by Nicholas Gurewitch, from his series "Perry Bible Fellowship" (check it out), and reproduced here with permission.

My thanks to Jerry Zee and Matt Maguire, who led me to Gurewitch's site.  As it happens, Gurewitch lives east of Rochester, New York, and I have good friends who live in Perry, New York, south of Rochester (who were visiting me in Palo Alto when I discovered this cartoon).  I wondered if the Perry Bible Fellowship was connected to this Perry, but no, the PBF in question is a church in Perry, Maine.  So much for wonderful coincidences.
Posted by Arnold Zwicky at May 17, 2005 12:36 PM