June 11, 2005

Mix master

OK, it's official. Just Plain Folks have decided that Yodic syntax is random word scrambling with sporadic category change. Here's Vox Pop himself, James Lileks, on Episode 3:

I love Yoda. I really do. Especially when he gets that mean look. Even though he reminds me of a cranky old man who finds his favorite stool at Denny’s is occupied by some high schoolers. People forget what a crappy death he had in Episode 6 – essentially, Luke went back to the Swampy Planet to check up on him, and he expires in a scene that had all the emotional impact of a wet shoe drying in the hot sun. Why? Because bucket kicking in the trilogy part of the last had someone to, I guess. [emphasis added]

To put the Yoda-imitation back in order needs something like this:

[bucket] [kicking] [in the] [trilogy] [part of the] [last] [had] [someone] [to]
    1       2         3        4           5          6      7       8       9

    3      6          5          4        8         7     9     2         1 
[in the] [last] [part of the] [trilogy] [someone] [had] [to] [kicking] [bucket]

in which the last shall be not only first, but also anomalously nominalized.

Posted by Mark Liberman at June 11, 2005 08:08 AM