March 08, 2006

Another Trent Reznor Award nominee

Another nomination for the Trent Reznor awards has come in over the transom at Language Log Plaza, home of the Academy of Linguistic Arts and Sciences. The author is Rosie DiManno, a columnist for the Toronto Star :

Earlier, already changed into his suit, Lindros had stepped right into the showers, there to have a private word with Tie Domi, who on this evening had been feted for a thousand games in the NHL, his mother, so disapproving of how he played the sport, endlessly worried about her son, finally lured into attending a game, Domi offering his own tender tribute to a father long deceased.
(Headline "Long faces on Leafs tell story of season gone horribly wrong; Rosie DiManno says team, after losses to Buffalo and Sens, and loss of Lindros, have look of a beaten crew"; Toronto Star. Toronto, Ont.: Mar 5, 2006. pg. B.03; archive link; maybe also here.)

The first two times this prestigious award was suggested, we convened a panel of judges and made the decision on the spot. However, the nominations are starting to come in thick and fast, so in order to maintain the high standards that our readers expect, we'll hold a vote and an awards ceremony for the 2006 Reznors at some point early in 2007.

[Virtual nomination from a post in Deadspin, forwarded by Ben Zimmer.]

Posted by Mark Liberman at March 8, 2006 10:26 AM