May 23, 2006

The most powerful person no one has never heard of

According to a U.S. News article by Chitra Ragavan ("Cheney's Guy", 5/29/06):

[David] Addington, says an admiring former White House official, is "the most powerful person no one has never heard of."

There's one too many negatives in that sentence, or one too few. The article's subhead says it the way the the source meant it: "He's barely known outside Washington's corridors of power, but David Addington is the most powerful man you've never heard of."

But overnegation is easy to fail to miss, as we've (shockingly) often observed. [Update -- extra links added 5/18/2007.]

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[U.S. News quote via Andrew Sullivan -- who was focused on the morality of torture, an incomparably more important issue, and apparently missed the extra negation. ]

Posted by Mark Liberman at May 23, 2006 07:49 AM