June 26, 2006

Honor be to Mudjekeewis!

In my in-box, every morning,
Greetings from a slew of spammers,
Each, to fool the filters, using
In the header and the body,
Random lines from "Hiawatha":
"And the fierce Kabibonokka"
(Get your clearitol and cum pills);
"Beat the shining Big-Sea-Water"
(Make your wife or girlfriend speechless)
"Sat the ancient Mudjekeewis"
(Safe Prescription Medication);
"And Nokomis fell affrighted"
(Over half a million clients);
"For the maid with yellow tresses"
(Free Fed-Ex on every order);
Till I have the sense of hearing
The entire fucking cosmos
Droning, unenjambed, insistent,
In tetrameter trochaics,
Lulling me to drowsy numbness...

"Make a bed for me to lie on."
(May already be a winner).

Posted by Geoff Nunberg at June 26, 2006 03:05 PM