August 22, 2006

Bringin ablative from Latin

Some hip-hop artists might call themselves Linguistics, but others actually rap about the subject. Straight outta Vancouver, BC (Canada, y'all) come some linguistics students/artists with Schwhat's up? and Morphologilistic. Check 'em out.

Selections from the lyrics to Morphologilistic:

I'm bringin ablative from Latin
my nominative is smoother than a kitten made of satin
and I'm flattenin your vowels from the bottom to the top
and to your slopply laterals I drop a glottal stop

My civic duty's to inform you about all things velar
if you need a consonant then consider me your dealer
or not. You've got a lot of sounds of your own
I wouldn't want your business even if you had an allophone

You down wit S O V?
yeah, you me know
from the CP to the DP I flow
know this, though, I make no apology for my zeal
from etymology to phonology
it's a quality that consumes all o me constantly

but I'm heartfelt and emotive, listening to your vowels
when we're through with gentle ones we're movin on to howls
hooting like owls cause I'm a linguistic freak
"oh you're a linguist, eh? how many languages do you speak?"

[ Thanks to Ryan Field for sending the link. ]

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Posted by Eric Bakovic at August 22, 2006 11:34 AM