September 19, 2006

Sex, drugs and Language Log

Found in our referral logs, evidence that Language Log has really arrived. Where have we arrived? Well, you be the judge:

I've been sitting around for almost two months waiting for my phone to ring, reading the Language Log, working through Paper Mario, and accomplishing roughly goose egg. However, while that may sound dandy for some 23-year-old, I've turned 24 today and that shit no longer flies.

This would be a great opening for a hot new bildungsroman, but so far, it's just the start of a LiveJournal entry by an aspiring screenwriter in California. Who is sure to make it big -- the rest of a script that starts this way pretty much writes itself, don't you think?

To become emblematic of enjoyable distraction is an ambition that I never realized I had. Linked to an obsolete video game, true, but even so...

Posted by Mark Liberman at September 19, 2006 06:25 AM