September 27, 2006

On getting to know the secretary

Mark's posts (here and also here) about exchanges between males and females in law offices prompts me to report that informal conversation also works well between outside male consultants and the lawyer's female secretaries or administrative assistants. In my some 30 years of working (long distance most of the time) with various law firms around the country, I've learned to get to know the secretaries well enough for us to call each other by our first names and to engage in some small talk before they put me on the phone with their bosses. This really pays off when I need to get the lawyer's (male or female) attention about something important but, perhaps most of all, when I want to get my bills paid. Some lawyers neglect invoices until reminded several times. Don't bother calling or even writing them. It's practical to get to know the secretary. Anyway, small talk can be kinda fun.

Posted by Roger Shuy at September 27, 2006 04:44 PM