January 14, 2007

Wonders of scholarship

Every once in a while I'm struck by a report on scholarship that makes me marvel about the world.  Last week (1/9/07) it was a NYT Science Times article about restoring an ancient Egyptian mud fortress.  Two things.  First, a casual reference to the enormous time depth of Egyptian civilization:

It was in the 26th century B.C., a few generations later, that even more powerful kings erected the majestic pyramids at Giza, the last surviving of the so-called seven wonders of the ancient world.

Then a list of the experts on the project:

William Remsen, a preservation architect; Anthony Crosby, a specialist in mud-brick and earthen architecture; and Conor Power, a structural engineer

It's a wonderful world that has specialists in mud-brick and earthen architecture in it.  (Structural engineers I knew about, of course, and I have a friend who's a preservation architect, but the mud-brick and earth specialization was news to me.)

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Posted by Arnold Zwicky at January 14, 2007 01:11 PM