January 15, 2007

Let's discover F words

Elizabeth Daingerfield Zwicky has alerted me to the fact that Book Closeouts, here, is offering the volume "Let's Discover F Words", a Troll Picture Dictionary (for kids) by Robyn Supraner.  This is the  only volume in the series offered on closeout, but a glance at amazon.com shows that the series covers the entire alphabet ("two volumes" means that there's a volume on "Let's Discover x Words" and another on "Let's Discover More New x Words"):

A (two volumes), B (two volumes), C, DE, F, GH (two volumes), IJK, L (two volumes), M (two volumes), NO, PQ, R, S (two volumes), T (two volumes), UV, WXYZ

I'd guess that the title of the F volume put a damper on sales.

Meanwhile, back in the adult world, new deployments of "the F word" continue to come in.  From the Economist, 1/13/07, a leader on p. 13, "Clones to the right of me, jokers to the left", begins:

There is something about the study of embryonic stem cells that brings out the "F" word.  That word, unlike the embryonic cells themselves, is nothing to do with reproduction.  It is "Frankenstein".

What next: ferrets, fisticuffs, fandango, Firbank, furlong, Fu Manchu,...?

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Posted by Arnold Zwicky at January 15, 2007 12:45 PM