January 22, 2007

X ist das neue Y

An exercise in meta- (or trans- ?) snowclonology, in the Sueddeutche Zeitung ("Erschütternd ist das neue geil", 1/22/2007). Julia Hoceknmaier sent in the link, and pointed out that Benjamin Zimmer's 12/28/2006 post "On the trail of 'the new black' (and 'the navy blue')" is translated as "Zur Genese -- des satzes" (i.e. "to the genesis -- of the sentence"). The whole linkage from the bottom of the article:

Zur Genese - des Satzes
Der Blogger Matthew Paul Thomas - hat auch eine verdienstvolle Liste
Die Seite: "x is the new y" - der unsere Grafik nachempfunden ist
Und noch ein Archiv - "X=new Y"

In fact there have been an astonishingly large number of Language Log posts about this phenomenon, including Geoff Pullum's original " Snowclones: lexicographical dating to the second", 1/16/2004.

Posted by Mark Liberman at January 22, 2007 03:43 PM