May 12, 2007

Why backwards talk Yoda?

A recent Rhymes with Orange cartoon (by Hilary Price, Stanford '91) takes us back to Yoda and his eccentric syntax:

It's been two years since Language Log looked at Yodic (Yodian? Yoda-ish? Yodish? Yoda-speak? Yodese? -- all are attested) syntax.  Here's a list of our previous forays into Yoda World:

GP, 5/18/05: Yoda's syntax the Tribune analyzes; supply more details I will!
EB, 5/18/05: Speak this way I do because wiser than I actually am I sound

ML, 5/19/05: Syntax is a disturbance in the there
ML, 5/20/05: Unclear of Yoda's syntax the principles are, if any

ML, 5/26/05: Yoda is Luce reborn
ML, 6/11/05: Mix master

ML, 6/23/05: Not over it is

GP, 8/7/05: Never thought the day would he see

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Posted by Arnold Zwicky at May 12, 2007 12:24 PM