July 09, 2007

Snowclonerei ist überall

Emmanuel Maria Dammerer wrote to announce his "Buch von der deutschen Snowclonerey", which is "Versuch einer Definition der Snowclones mit bekannten deutschsprachigen Beispielen" ("A preliminary definition of the snowclone phenomenon, including a list of frequent German examples"). The site's name is itself a snowclone, taking off on the title of Martin Opitz's 1624 "Buch von der deutschen Poeterey".

Note the echo of the archaic spelling "Poeterey" (modern "Poeterei") in Snowclonerey, showing that the analogical processes involved in snowcloning are not limited to simple lexical or morphological substitution.

And Lane Greene wrote to point out that Achewood for 6/19/2007 has a riff on the staleness of the snowclone "In X, Y Z's you":

Posted by Mark Liberman at July 9, 2007 12:14 PM