August 05, 2007


Back in June I posted about the "New Word Open Mic" held at the Dictionary Society of North America's biennial conference in Chicago. At the event, hosted by the effervescent Erin McKean, members of the public were encouraged to present new words and phrases that they felt deserved more widespread usage. There was some press coverage at the time in the Chicago Tribune, and I mentioned the results over on my OUPblog column. Now there's an edited podcast of the Open Mic, thanks to the combined efforts of Grant Barrett (a judge at the event and cohost of the sadly cancelled radio show "A Way With Words" on KPBS) and Charles Hodgson (the voice of Podictionary: The Podcast for Word Lovers). You can hear it either at the KPBS site or at Podictionary. A recommended listen if you want to hear lexicographers and fellow word lovers exploring new coinages like hangry and newsrotica in all their neologiciousness.

Posted by Benjamin Zimmer at August 5, 2007 11:34 AM