September 13, 2007

Evil multilingualism

On the American Dialect Society's mailing list this morning, Dennis Preston quoted from a column in the State News, Michigan State's student newspaper, today:

Leftists have tried fervently since the 1960s to subvert American culture by promoting cultural heresies, which really only amount to a form of subversion. These cultural heresies include but are not limited to: Radical feminism, sexual deviancy, multilingualism and atheism.

Since the days of Joseph McCarthy, the list of threats to America from the left has evolved some.  Communism is no longer high on the list, while feminism has joined homosexuality and atheism as a major ogre, along with abortion and same-sex marriage (cultural heresies that didn't make conservative columnist Nate Sherman's short list of four, though they're surely in his top ten).  But now we see that multilingualism is subversion, major subversion.

Godless, queer, feminazi multilinguals!  They're everywhere!

Why, my partner Jacques was quadrilingual.  Oh.

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Posted by Arnold Zwicky at September 13, 2007 02:44 PM