September 16, 2007

A new technique in language teaching

Mark's receipt today of an invitation to Colorectal Congress 2007 reminded me that I received a nice conference invitation myself recently, somewhat more relevant than his.  It turns out that a new approach to second language learning has been developed, and if I could make it over to Turkey, I could find out all about the new method way before it takes the linguistic world by storm. Here's the invitation:

Dear David Beaver

Your presence shall only be a true honour to experience, may you think yourself kindly invited to the program at the [hotel name redacted], dated [date redacted], by [name redacted], the founder of [organization name redacted], as to how to get into language usage through its own parameters; a claim of a new technique in language teaching.

Well, I for one would not dispute the claim of originality. So well does the method work that there is no need whatsoever to have your language proofread by a native speaker.

Unfortunately, the invitation was sent to the wrong address, and I only received it some 6 months after the conference had taken place, so I'll never know how to get into language usage through its own parameters. Hrumph. Most unfair. No chance at all for a weekend of Istanbul. But maybe the Colorectal Congress still has some openings?

Posted by David Beaver at September 16, 2007 05:54 PM