September 25, 2007


In the beginning, there was truthiness. Now, there is warmthiness:

Lillian Ross's memoir of The New Yorker editor William Shawn was titled Here but Not Here; Laura Bush's presence alongside her husband could be called There but Not There. Through some strange optical illusion or Jedi mind trick she manages to recede into the foreground or project into the background--it's hard to decide which. Either way, she hasn't been supplying the warmthiness that every presidency and reality-TV series requires and desires as a sweetener.

-- from James Wolcott's "The Simple Life: White House Edition", in this month's Vanity Fair (emphasis added).

But Google reveals that Wolcott was beaten to the word-coinage punch. From most to least recent:

  • Warmthiness is that property of color in a website that makes you feel warm and comfortable. (link; 3/15/07)

  • Leather jacket warmthiness. (link; 11/19/06)

  • unthought fuzzery warmthiness (link; 8/30/06)

  • I just Paypal'ed you $9000--now mod my Autocom into sweet beaten warmthiness!! (link; 8/20/06)

Follow the Language Log trail of truthiness! In particular, see these posts for other extensions of the "Colbert suffix" -iness. (There's also an extensive Wikipedia page not to be missed.)

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Posted by Eric Bakovic at September 25, 2007 09:40 PM