October 08, 2007

But shouldn't that be "weagle"?

The Great Wall Wingle is "the first high-pressure common rail & high-end diesel pickup in China".

Creation embodies charm, technology fulfills leadership. As China's first high-end diesel pickup, Great Wall-Wingle creates a new realm of high-grade Pick-up, and goes forward towards the world as the Chinese Pickup leader. Fashion in every detail demonstrates innovative design concepts, creative design and avant-garde daring style, without any meaningless decoration. Brilliant achievements in their careers enjoy life passion.

As chinamotors.ru tells us, the name Great Wall Wingle is "an event from a combination of words wind (wind) and eagle (eagle)".

The Great Wall press release from the Guangzhou Auto Show explains further that the Wingle is "the first pick up with the ability of dragging, off road and loading and sitting". Its new diesel engine technology "is called INTEC--King of intellectual oil saving". As for style, "Great Wall Wingle is just like a brave and fierce lion from the appearance. The outline design shows an ambitious and arrogant as well as stylish atmosphere." Nor has safety been neglected, as "the design of four door anti-collision beam can utmostly reduces the distortion of rear doors caused by side crash", and in fact the vehicle "can utmostly absorb shock from every side".

Another press release focuses on "Wingle fever in overseas", and observes that "Idea abroad is quite different from that of China. In foreign countries, driving a pick-up is not a lack of pride, but a symbol of fashion and identity." But Chinese patriots should have no fear:

China has ignored this type for years and just regards it as a fractionizing part in motor market. However, it has created miracle that other types cannot achieve! The main symbol of it is that the foreign pick-ups can not be able to export in China since the 90s, because the independent brands leaded by Great Wall Motor have built a solid "Great Wall" to resist the foreign brands.

To be serious for a moment, it's surprising that after investing so much in development, production and marketing of what is no doubt an excellent vehicle, Great Wall didn't feel the need to invest a few thousand dollars in competent translation or creation of English-language blurbage. Then again, perhaps they think they did. Certainly their results are on a somewhat higher level than those of the manufacturers of the fast ether lord commutation machine, or the designers of the aisle signs at Century Mart in Shanghai.

Are the foreign-language promotional materials of American manufacturers this lame? I don't think so -- but then, maybe I just don't know.

[Hat tip: the Engine Room]

Posted by Mark Liberman at October 8, 2007 08:37 AM