January 08, 2008

Europa Polyglotta

Yesterday's Strange Maps ("Praise the Lord and Pass the Dictionary") shows a map "published in 1730 by Gottfried Hensel" under the title Europa Polyglotta, Linguarum Genealogiam exhibens, una cum Literis, Scribendique modis, Omnium Gentium.

[click on the map for a larger image]

The Strange Maps post notes "the Arabic (or Berber) portion of Iberia" and wonders about it: "the Spanish completed their Reconquista in 1492, was 'Mauritanian' still spoken there almost 250 years later?"

But the map shows "Anglo-Saxon" in England, also not the situation current in the 18th century:

[Hat tip: Aaron "Dr. Whom" Dinkin]

Posted by Mark Liberman at January 8, 2008 10:23 AM