January 07, 2004

Eggcorns everywhere

Google has 62 hits for "eggcorn". We're number one, but most of the rest are authentic eggcorn mistakes, such as United Design Turtles' "Turtle Eating Eggcorn" figurine for $61.00.

This AQFL list message quotes the proverb that "[e]ven a blind squirrel will find an eggcorn once in a while."

In this chat log, Erica deals in a mature way with the embarrassment that results when Lindsay discovers her secret:

Lindsay: Shut UP!
Aj Loves Mindy
Erica: Someone hit her w/ an eggcorn??? wimp
Lindsay: eggcorn?? You mean acorn!
Erica: no, eggcorn
Lindsay: what the @#$*?!
Erica: EGGCORN @#$*?!
Lindsay: You are crazy
Lindsay: SHUT UP!!!!!! You're a Freak
Erica: EGGCORN!!!! I get knocked "Eggcorn" but I get up again eggcorn you ain't never gonna keep my eggcorn
Lindsay: AHHHHHH!
Erica: AHHHeggcornHHHH!
Lindsay: Dashing through the snow....
Erica: On a one horse open Eggcorn!
Lindsay: Shut up!

Finally, Thomas Irven art gallery has an actual cherry wood meta-eggcorn in the form of a lathe-turned box that "simulates a transition from an acorn to an egg."

Posted by Mark Liberman at January 7, 2004 10:41 AM