April 03, 2004

Google's latest feature: the Counterexemplifier

Trawling rather carelessly for images to use as a backdrop to some slides on induction for a class I'm (co-)teaching, Google gave me more than I bargained for. It now has a built-in Counterexemplifier, which will eventually eliminate the need for scientists to perform tiresome and expensive fieldwork or laboratory testing to evaluate their theories, just as it has already eliminated the need for teachers to read books in order to prepare for class (or for students to attend those classes).

Try  "All swans are white" to see the Google Counterexemplifier in action. What will those clever folks at Google think of next?

Nota bene: The Counterexemplifier must be a beta release: see "Swans are white" or even  "All swans are black".
Posted by David Beaver at April 3, 2004 12:16 AM