September 02, 2004

Here, take this stand I made

While writing up my next post, I stumbled for a few seconds on the phrase "taking a stand (for/against)", which I momentarily thought should be "making a stand (for/against)". Googling, I find that the "take" forms far outnumber the "make" forms, but both are relatively strong.

Here are the results for each of the forms. I split "__ against" and "__ for" forms up because the former seemed to be more informative (given that a stand is a physical object that one can make for something, as in "Making a stand for Wise Men 'dolls'").

__ against __ for TOTALS
taking a stand 20,600 10,800 31,400
take a stand 56,800 30,500 87,300
takes a stand 8,900 2,840 11,740
took a stand 7,170 3,140 10,310
__ against __ for TOTALS
making a stand 2,630 4,130 6,760
make a stand 8,020 7,520 15,540
makes a stand 895 839 1,734
made a stand 931 771 1,702

For the example-oriented, here are each of the very first hits (except where otherwise noted) that I got in each case, almost all of them newspaper headlines.

  • (link) It's not easy taking a stand against crime and violence.
  • (link) Take a Stand Against the Recording Industry Association of America
  • (link) Finally took a stand against the music industry.
  • (link) Making a stand against cancer
    • [This headline is clearly meant to be a pun; the first sentence of the article is "Eastside lemonade sales will help sweeten the national research pot." Whether or not this influenced the choice between make and take in this case is anyone's guess.]
  • (link) Clyde to make a stand against promotion laws.
  • (link) Ateneo de Naga Makes a Stand Against the CJ's Impeachment.
  • (link) In his mind, he had NOTHING to lose at all, and in the end, he made a stand against those who represent the greatest threat to all of us.
    • [The second link in this case is so much better, though: (link) France hasn't made a stand against war any more than a child who refuses to eat his vegetables has made a stand against veganism.]
  • (link) Taking a stand for moderate Islam.
  • (link) Take a Stand for Your Brand
  • (link) Comedy takes a stand for venue
  • (link) Time Christians took a stand for the Bible.
  • (link) Making a stand for world peace.
  • (link) Make a Stand for God, (YAHWEH). And Jesus (YESHUA), His Son.
  • (link) Dragulescu makes a stand for Romania
  • (link) Find out more about the way in which the early Christians made a stand for what they believed.

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Posted by Eric Bakovic at September 2, 2004 01:53 PM