March 13, 2004

Pot pourri

I wish I had time to write about these (recent language-related weblog links). Or even time to think about them. But I'm grateful to have had the opportunity to read them, and you may be, too.

At Laputan Logic, The History of Naming. Also Marsh Arabs (one of the most interesting articles I've ever seen on the web).

At Blogalization, The Cult of Arab Spain.

At the discouraging word, Participated by others (not a permalink -- posted March 13, 2004). Exploration of a quote from Disraeli: "The same passion for the works of Cicero has been participated by others."

At phluzein, the Vedic Hymn of Creation.

At Prentiss Riddle: Language, East is South and South is East -- "the French won." And "Learn the original vampire language" -- check out the comments for the best part.

At A Roguish Chrestomathy, Online Shorthand for the Linguistically Conservative (see esp. fwoabw) and Adam Smith among the savages ("in which Mr. Wealth of Nations speculates on the origins of the major lexical and functional categories").

Renee Perlmutter at, smouse. An unexpected cousin of schmooze.

Rachel at a tear in the fabric of spacetime, Toda su base es pertenece a nosotros ( and here in Japanese). Also, an idea developed with entangledbank and Ryan Gabbard, a linguistic theory based on the video game Power Pete: "instead of subjects attracting to Spec,IP to check features they have to jump there over crocodile-infested waters to pick up golden health globules."

At Tenser said the Tensor, I prefer and I'd rather and "I don't think it means what you think it means".

At Impearls, In praise of the C-word and In praise of the C-word II.

At Uncle Jazzbeau's Gallimaufrey, unable wholly to reject (Augustus de Morgan on flies and elephants).

At cannylinguist, Shodding. Sort of like trodding.

Rosanne at the X-bar, various posts on booger anaphora.

At Language Hat, Copyrighting a Language. (More on this one later...)

At Semantic Compositions, Why SC likes fictional languages now.

Posted by Mark Liberman at March 13, 2004 09:52 PM