March 30, 2004


Writing about the activities of the University of Saskatchewan Library reminded me of a joke. Since Geoff hasn't posted any bad linguistics jokes in quite a while, and most of our readers probably don't get much exposure to Canadian humour, I thought I'd tell a Saskatchewan joke.

Two Canadians, sick of the rat race, went to a travel agent and asked her to book them to the remotest place she could get them to by commercial air. Twenty-four hours later, they staggered off a plane in Alice Springs, Australia. Tired and thirsty, they headed for the nearest pub. It was obvious to the locals that they had come from somewhere distant, which led to much speculation. Finally, one of the locals said: "Let's settle this. I'll go over and ask them". He went over to their table and asked: "Where are you folks from?". They answered, "Saskatoon, Saskatchewan". When the local returned to his table, the others asked him: "So where are they from?". He answered: "I couldn't find out. They don't speak English.".

Posted by Bill Poser at March 30, 2004 01:10 AM