January 30, 2007

Support our troop

Following up on my geeky posting on plural, mass, and collective, the Onion (of 1/29/07) has its own take on troop 'serviceperson'. 

The story begins:

Bush Commits One Additional Troop to Afghanistan

WASHINGTON, DC -- In an effort to display his administration's willingness to fight on all fronts in the War on Terror, President Bush said at a press conference Monday that American ground forces in Afghanistan will be aided by the immediate deployment of Marine Pfc. Tim Ekenberg of Camp Lejeune, NC.

and ends:

Although the 325th is forbidden from disclosing specific details of the upcoming assignment, his father spoke to reporters from the brigade's childhood home in North Carolina shortly after Bush's announcement.

"Even if you disagree with our commander in chief, I ask that your prayers go out to Tim and that we continue to remember the sacrifices that are being made out there," Dean Ekenberg said. "Please, support our troop."

(Hat tip to Haninah Levine.)

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Posted by Arnold Zwicky at January 30, 2007 07:52 PM