November 11, 2007

Lolcat, meet eggcorn

This item will eventually go on the Eggcorn Database (it's not there yet, nor is it in Brians), but since the eggcorn comes with a lolcat, I'm putting it on Language Log as well:

(Hat tip to Ken Mallott.)

Porthole for portal is astonishingly common.  In fact, there are so many relevant Google webhits for {"porthole to"} that it looks like a candidate for the "nearly mainstream" category on the database.  A few examples:

Porthole to the Past
is a total view of the old town of Deadwood from 1876-9 before it all burned down in 1879.  (link)

Commenting on her new business, she told the Hull Daily Mail: "To me, this is a porthole to the rest of the city." (link)

Your porthole to Mars! Time on Mars! Your Mars Clock!  (link)

Semantically, it's a natural.

Posted by Arnold Zwicky at November 11, 2007 12:55 PM